Camilla's Cottage is designed for the needs of the post-operative surgery patient. With more than 20 years of nursing and caregiving experience, Camilla's Cottage has won the confidence of physicians when referring their patients.
• Supervision by trained professional Nurses
• Transportation from surgery to Camilla's
• Private bedrooms
  • Remote controlled Tempur-Pedic bed
• Recliner
• Remote controlled Direct TV
• Attentive confidential round-the-clock care
• An environment focusing on healing, rest, and recovery
• Patient comfort, safety, and peace of mind
• Prepared meals
• Mobility assistance
• Medication supervision
• Oxygen
• Pulse-Oximetry
• Sequential Compression on site
• Transportation to post-op office visit
Because Camilla's Cottage allows the patient to limit daily activities, resting is easier and healing can be faster. When a patient requires individual recovery care in a relaxed atmosphere, Camilla's Cottage is the answer.